Introducing Flights of Fantasy, Starring the folks at T3GG

Welcome travelers, and well met! Today we are going to be introducing a YouTube series produced by InkLike Industries and starring the folks at T3GG (tentative name).

Archon’s Shadow is the first installment of our series. It follows a hapless young hero slung into events out of his comprehension.

Arkon’s Shadow – Part One: The Night the Sky Cried (Tears of Fire)

Behold! The Majesty of MAPS!

So, InkLike Arts (A subsidiary of InkLike Industries) has produced a few art pieces of medium caliber for your viewing pleasure.

Our first piece is Untitled, and it is our very first production piece:

As you can see, the map is fine, but the text is all wonky.


As you can see, the map is fine, but the text is all wonky. It’s a good first effort but lackluster overall.

Our second piece titled Nydtwyn and comes to us as a black and white image:



This map has a much more organic feel to it, alongside that cheesy “amateur” feel to it. This is due to the quick, throw-away nature in which the map was designed.

And finally, here is a quick preview of our Arts Division’s current Work-In-Progress Titled The Continent of Erratha:

The Continent of Erratha

The Continent of Erratha

Still a work in progress but it’s quite nice.