Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Woodsmans’ Arm

Welcome travelers to Magical Marvels and Places of Power. A weekly installment where we will release a all new magical item that was forged in the fires of our smithy. Our first installment will cover an item carved out of tree, bone, and blood. The Woodsmans’ Arm.

Woodmans’ Arm
Often sought after by rangers of the wild, the Woodsmans’ Arm is seen as a badge of pride among rangers who have dedicated themselves to traveling the wilds. Hewn through blood, effort and no small amount of magic, you may tap the power of trees found throughout the land.
This arm must be harvested by the player and each form of bark stored with the players blood. Each scraping of bark counts as a Consumable item. I recommend finding yourself a bandolier.

  • Iron Arm: By attuning yourself to the attributes of the Iron Wood bark hewn into your arm, you are now able to use your arm as a shield. This shield provides a deflection bonus to Armor Class equal to [level/5] (up to a +4 at level 20). This stacks with other deflection bonuses.
  • Willowed Arm: By attuning yourself to the attributes of the Willow tree in your arm you gain the ability to stretch and manipulate your arm like a Willow in the wind. Your arm now extends your Melee range by 10ft. While your arm is extended your ability to manipulate your fingers is only hampered by your line of sight.
  • Oaken Arm: By tapping the healing powers of the Oak tree, you become as hearty as a tree itself. You gain [Resistance] to poison and [Fast Healing] equal to [(Level/3)*2]. (Up to a [Fast Healing] 6 at level 20). This stacks with other sources of fast healing.
  • Blackwood Arm: You take on the resilience of a mighty Blackwood tree. Ignore the effects of negative conditions for [1d4+1] rounds. I.E. Poison, Stunned, Dazed, On Fire, Petrified, ect.
  • Pine: Attuning your arm to the properties of a Pine tree, you now able to harm your attacker even as he strikes you.  When hit you do [Level] damage to attacker.
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