Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Sightstone and Ring of Tongues

In our second installment of our weekly series Magical Marvels and Places of Power we’re going to be toning things down a bit. Today we’ll be presenting the Ring of Tongues and the Sightstone. Both of which are useful utility items that a creative player may be able to put towards and unexpected use.

The Ring of Tongues –
The band of this ring sports the alphabet of the stored language. Often used by diplomats and thieves alike. But then again, is there really a difference between the two? This ring stores a single language inside.

  • Wearing it causes the wearer to be able to read, write, and speak that language.

“A victory on the battlefield hinges on your knowledge of your surrounds. If you forget that, you are as good as dead” -General Kiramiir Darlion A red stone that, when crushed, fragments into several blue shards and a single red one.

  • The stone produces [1d8] (min2) shards upon being crushed
  • The user is able to see from the blue shards with 10 feet of vision.
  • After 10 minutes have passed the red shard turns into a new Sightstone and the blue shards dissipate.
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