Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Silver Sword of Valiance

BEHOLD! Week three of Magical Marvels and Places of Power has arrived! Today lets power things up a bit with the Silver Sword of Valiance, a weapon tailor made for the adventuring hero destined for greatness

Silver Sword of Valiance –
This marvelous silver blade shines a radiant light and is polished to a mirror like sheen. It can often be seen being weilded by heros of lore in various painting in the Great Library of Ulnash

  • Great sword +3: Furnishes the weilder with a +3 weapon bonus to melee attacks
  • Bane: Select a bane enemy, this enemy cannot be changed later so choose carefully. The weapon’senhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus against its bane and will deal an extra 2d6 points of damage.
  • Extra-dimensional: You may call or dismiss this weapon at any time for no action cost, be it after being disarmed, during an attack action, or at any other point. When called, the weapon appears immediately in your hand, regardless of distance or planar boundaries. When dismissed, this weapon functionally ceases to exist until it is next called. As long as this weapon remains attuned to you, the Extra Dimensional enchantment functions as if you were wielding it.
  • Vigilant: As a swift action the weapon casts bright light out to 25 feet until you end this effect as a free action. Once per [Encounter] when an ally in melee to you is attacked by an enemy you switch places with the ally, this is a [teleport] movement and does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The weapon will now deal an additional [1d6] damage to that enemy until the end of the [encounter].
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