Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Bracer of Flame

In week four, we have a look at our heroes’ very notable lack of accessories. Might and Magic go hand in hand and what batter way to accessorize with a bracer?

Bracer of Flame:
This red bracer of an unknown metallic substance is carved in intricate swirling flames that draw the eye.

Type: Accessory
Item Bonus: +1, This item bonus stacks with any item bonus from the weapon held in hand.

  • Bane:  “I will sunder my foe and cause him a pain one unimagined by the mortal mind” The weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus against your chosen enemy and will deal an extra [2d6] points of damage.

Only one of these abilities can be used in a day:

  • Primary Ability – By Flaming Hands: You summon the fury of fire and engulf your weapon in righteous flame. Once per [encounter] as a swift action you may engulf the bracer and whatever is wielded by that hand in flame for [1d6+1] rounds. Every attack made by a weapon held in hand deals an additional [1d6] damage.

Instead of the primary ability, you may use the bracers alternate ability:

  • Alternate AbilityBy Burst of Anger: You focus the fire inside yourself and direct it outward in a torrent of flame. Once per [encounter] as a move action, you create a burst of fire out to 30 feet. This deals [1d6] damage per 3 character levels (up to [6d6] damage at level 20) to everything in range.
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