Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Bracer of Light

It’s week five, and now we have a companion for your Bracer of Flame that we featured last week.

Bracer of Light:
This bracer of a savory yellow-gold gives off the faint glow of the sun, with what appear to be sunburst constantly appearing and dissipating beneath its surface.

Type: Accessory
Item Bonus: +1, This item bonus stacks with any item bonus from the weapon held in hand.

  • Bane:  “I will sunder my foe and cause him a pain one unimagined by the mortal mind” The weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus against your chosen enemy and will deal an extra [2d6] points of damage.

Only one of these abilities can be used in a day:

  • Primary Ability – By Healing Hands: May the Light of the gods be a blessing to shine upon thee and thy allies. As a swift action, you call on the light of the heavens to heal [1d10+2] points of damage to one creature you touch. This can be used [Level/2] times per day (up to 10 times at level 20). This ability can not be used if By Burst of Hope has been used in the same day.

Instead of the primary ability, you may use the bracer’s alternate ability:

  • Alternate Ability – By Burst of Hope:  You channel the light of the heavens into yourself and direct it outward into a torrent of HP. Once per [encounter] as a move action, you emit a healing burst out to 30 feet. This burst heals allies for [1d10+2] damage per every 3 character levels you possess (up to 6d10+12 at level 20). This ability can not be used if By Healing Hands has been used in the same day.
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