Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Seals of Urtuin

After a bit of a break, we have the Seals of Urtuin. A set of vambraces commissioned by an ancient king. They are geared for legend, but should be fairly easy to work into any game.

The Seals of Urtuin:
“These vambraces, forged on the command of our nearly forgotten once king, and given to me by the blood of my father, are the proof of my right to rule!” -Baron Klaus von Eberheardt during the Battle of the Succession

Type: Wondrous Item, Accessory
Item Bonus:

  • Binding: The seals are milky white till a spirit is bound to them. The seals my bind, Elemental Spirits, Eldritch Spirits, World Spirits, and the spirits of mortal beings. Forcing a spirit to be bound against it’s will requires an Opposed Will check. Upon a successful binding the seals take on the principal colors of that spirit and the spirit is bound inside the vambraces until released. The spirit now acts as a Summoned Creature.
  • In Game: A summon acts as a Permanent Cohort with the exception that they can not trade items with the player. The player may make their own cohort with GM approval or the GM may provide the cohorts sheet. The wearer of a set of Seals may summon that spirit to aid him when needed once per [scene] as a standard action. Returning the spirit is a swift action.

Item History:
In the age before our own, the king of Reiben, Urtuin de Reiben VIII, commissioned seven seals of power. These seals could be possessed by, and harness the power of, Spirits.  Once completed,  he gave the seals to his most trusted generals who set out to befriend the most powerful spirit in each of their regions.  With these allies, Reiben became a truly powerful nation, throwing back all who came to claim their lands. However, time passed and the kings health failed. After his death, having left no heir apparent, his generals  split the kingdom into seven baronies, with the vambraces being used as proof of right of succession.

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