Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Black Blade of Corruption

Welcome to the new year traveler! Today we inspect an item most dark, The Black Blade of Corruption. It is said that this terrible blade was forged in an age long passed, by the lord if the dark himself, before he was sealed away forever behind the Gates of Eternity, for his greatest General, Murgrith the Blighted. After Murgrith’s eventual defeat, the blade fell into the hands of his soldiers, and made it’s way across the lands leaving pain and suffering in its wake.

After traveling the lands for centuries it was acquired by a Seeker of the Obsidian Tower. There it remains, being studied by our worlds foremost arcane scholars. Some believe, that after so long in the hands of men, that the blade has developed a will of its own, and wishes to rule the world of men.

Black Blade of  Corruption: Forged by the black hearted himself, may he forever be locked behind the Gates of Eternity, this malevolent blade corrupts the very soul of its wielder until they are nothing more than a shell doing the blades bidding.

Item Type: Longsword
Item Bonus: +1 (Scales to +3 as necessary)

  • Corrupting Compulsion: At the GM’s discretion, the Blade has a 10% (1d100) chance of forcing the wielder to act according to the blades’ will, each successful attempt increases the chance by 10%, the wielder is unaware of this occurrence. After a success rate of 50% has been achieved, the player may begin to hear whispers from the blade and converse with it. The Blade is of above average intellect.
  • Corrupted Soul: To lay the blade down and remove it from the players  possession at anytime requires a successful will save of DC 35.
  • Cruel: When the wielder strikes a creature that is frightened, shaken, panicked, cowering, or bloodied with a cruel weapon, that weapon deals an extra 1d6 damage.
  • Blight: Once per day, as a standard action, the blade casts a black cone of negative energy out 30 feet. Any creature in the cone takes [level*2] damage, unless he is of an Evil alignment, which takes none. Creatures with Lawful Good Alignment take [(Level*2)+Level] damage.

It is highly recommended that a GM be very subtle with this weapon and do his best to keep the player unaware of its true purpose. (Duh)

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