Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Wells of Power

Welcome travelers, and well met. Today let’s have a look at the world our adventurers travel in. Below we have what is a nice plot hook. A merchant is willing to pay an exorbitant sum for a jar of some magical water, or perhaps the big bad in your campaign is trying to power up. Most Places of Power I post will be either a nice little plot hook or a simply a write up of some location that can benefit or hinder the player.


The Wells of Power:
Rumor has it that there is a great pool of magic that springs forth from the very essence of the world. Pure magic flows like water out of this spring, hidden someplace deep in the  mountains. Impossible to find, it is sought after by adventures the world over, and those whom find the well and dive into its waters are able to draw magic from the land itself and use powerful spells…but at a terrible cost. In every large town some burnout of a mage swears he found it while drowning himself in the cheapest ale he can find.

Type: Place of Power

Benefit: Whatever you want, you’re the DM. Maybe the water will let the Mage cast spells that are only meant for a sorcerer, or maybe they let him cast spells of a level or three higher than normal. Or maybe the barbarian can now cast magical spells… Perhaps there are unforeseen benefits as well, perhaps magic items that are exposed to the water are now artifacts, or are inhabited by some arcane world spirit.

Cost: Something to make the traveler wary, or everyone would just line up to hop in. My personal favorite is mutation. I roll a [1d100], on a 5 or lower, they are disfigured and hideous, NPC’s will either shun them or be afraid to go near them, anything higher and you can simply give them an oddity make them memorable and easily identifiable, like gold or solver skin, the whites of their eyes are blue, something along those lines.

alternatively, if mutation isn’t your thing, attach consequence to their benefit. Sure, the barbarian can now cast level 2 mage spells, but if he casts more than 1 spell a day he has to start making CON saves or pass out. The Mage can channel the natural magics of the world, and can cast spells 2 levels higher than he is supposed to, but that doesn’t mean they shoot off how he like or even that the right spell is cast. Maybe, after a roll of a [d100] the wish spell turns into curse on a roll of 25 or lower, or maybe that lightning storm just creates some static in the air, or the Mega Fireball 9000 fizzles out halfway to the enemy. the possibilities are endless. And the fun.



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