Hey, Here’s Something In Alpha

Greetings Travelers!

So, I’ve been working on a nice little side project that’s meant to be used around the gaming table.

What is it? Power Cards! Useful at-a-glance powers and items for your character. It’s platform independent but currently geared more for 4e D&D.

Sample: Krag Hackenshield

It’s a (I think at least) a simple and elegant layout. Currently everything has to be added by hand, and the images you use MUST be cropped to 267W x 373H. I don’t know if I’ll ever implement the ability to auto crop, we’ll have to see.

I intend to set up a login system so you can have a stable of characters, as well as implement the ability to dynamically add and edit cards. I do not, however, intend to include any content from any existing systems. As that would be illegal.

Sample: Wyatt McGinn

For those of you that have your own servers:

While I put this together, I’ll leave you with the basic HTML template. All you’ll find in the Zip File is a moderately well documented bit of HTML that you simply need to add the appropriate bits of text to, and a completely undocumented bit of CSS.

For those of you interested, you can find that HERE.

Unfortunatley, you’ll need to link to

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