Playing Cards for RPG’s? Why would you even need that?

Bracer of Flame

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Well, because I’m bored. And I like designing Magic Items, and fixing stupid ones (Looking at you Pathfinders Cure Light Wounds potion, with your poorly scaled healing). So, I have a few items written up and tentative card designs made. I want to stress that these are mockups and have no intent to release these with their current art, as it is all used without permissions….. Please let me know what you think down in the comments below… -Ink

Behold! The Majesty of MAPS!

So, InkLike Arts (A subsidiary of InkLike Industries) has produced a few art pieces of medium caliber for your viewing pleasure.

Our first piece is Untitled, and it is our very first production piece:

As you can see, the map is fine, but the text is all wonky.


As you can see, the map is fine, but the text is all wonky. It’s a good first effort but lackluster overall.

Our second piece titled Nydtwyn and comes to us as a black and white image:



This map has a much more organic feel to it, alongside that cheesy “amateur” feel to it. This is due to the quick, throw-away nature in which the map was designed.

And finally, here is a quick preview of our Arts Division’s current Work-In-Progress Titled The Continent of Erratha:

The Continent of Erratha

The Continent of Erratha

Still a work in progress but it’s quite nice.