Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The World Spirits

Come pupil, sit awhile and listen. You have been under my tutelage for eight weeks now. Today you shall learn of the World Spirits.

The World Spirits :
Scattered throughout the land are grotto’s in which spirits of great power rest. Strange and fantastical creatures, the World Spirits are the physical and spiritual manifestations of the lands surrounding them. Little is known of them, but we do know that they can range in size from truly gargantuan to absolutely miniscule. Normally very docile, they are quick to anger when their territory comes to harm, often becoming excessively violent and destructive. They are a common problem for settlers on the frontier, who encounter them every time a new village is settled or a town is expanded.

Type: Place of Power

Next week we will overview the Seals that bind these spirits and make use of them.