Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Sightstone and Ring of Tongues

In our second installment of our weekly series Magical Marvels and Places of Power we’re going to be toning things down a bit. Today we’ll be presenting the Ring of Tongues and the Sightstone. Both of which are useful utility items that a creative player may be able to put towards and unexpected use. The Ring of Tongues – The band of this ring sports the alphabet of the stored language. Often used by diplomats and thieves alike. But then again, is there really a difference between the two? This ring stores a single language inside. Wearing it causes the … Continue reading

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Woodsmans’ Arm

Welcome travelers to Magical Marvels and Places of Power. A weekly installment where we will release a all new magical item that was forged in the fires of our smithy. Our first installment will cover an item carved out of tree, bone, and blood. The Woodsmans’ Arm. Woodmans’ Arm – Often sought after by rangers of the wild, the Woodsmans’ Arm is seen as a badge of pride among rangers who have dedicated themselves to traveling the wilds. Hewn through blood, effort and no small amount of magic, you may tap the power of trees found throughout the land. This … Continue reading

Introducing Flights of Fantasy, Starring the folks at T3GG

Welcome travelers, and well met! Today we are going to be introducing a YouTube series produced by InkLike Industries and starring the folks at T3GG (tentative name). Archon’s Shadow is the first installment of our series. It follows a hapless young hero slung into events out of his comprehension. Arkon’s Shadow – Part One: The Night the Sky Cried (Tears of Fire)

Behold! The Majesty of MAPS!

So, InkLike Arts (A subsidiary of InkLike Industries) has produced a few art pieces of medium caliber for your viewing pleasure. Our first piece is Untitled, and it is our very first production piece: As you can see, the map is fine, but the text is all wonky. It’s a good first effort but lackluster overall. Our second piece titled Nydtwyn and comes to us as a black and white image: This map has a much more organic feel to it, alongside that cheesy “amateur” feel to it. This is due to the quick, throw-away nature in which the map … Continue reading