Hey, Here’s Something In Alpha

Greetings Travelers!

So, I’ve been working on a nice little side project that’s meant to be used around the gaming table.

What is it? Power Cards! Useful at-a-glance powers and items for your character. It’s platform independent but currently geared more for 4e D&D.

Sample: Krag Hackenshield

It’s a (I think at least) a simple and elegant layout. Currently everything has to be added by hand, and the images you use MUST be cropped to 267W x 373H. I don’t know if I’ll ever implement the ability to auto crop, we’ll have to see.

I intend to set up a login system so you can have a stable of characters, as well as implement the ability to dynamically add and edit cards. I do not, however, intend to include any content from any existing systems. As that would be illegal.

Sample: Wyatt McGinn

For those of you that have your own servers:

While I put this together, I’ll leave you with the basic HTML template. All you’ll find in the Zip File is a moderately well documented bit of HTML that you simply need to add the appropriate bits of text to, and a completely undocumented bit of CSS.

For those of you interested, you can find that HERE.

Unfortunatley, you’ll need to link to

Found Roscoe!!

He seemed to be on the run from a group of cyborg assassins and had found refuge in a Turkish brothel located somewhere in Albania. Anyway, I managed to wrest the scripts off of him for the final three Oaken Box of Doom entries and will be putting them up as soon as I can make out his handwriting.

One of the pages seems to be smeared in a viscous green substance….

Anyway, more soon!