Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Ring Arcane Power & Wand of Spells

Greetings Traveler! And welcome back to your lessons on Magical Marvels and places of power. I apologize for my absence.

Ring Arcane Power +2 –  Stores up to two spells indefinitely.  Storing a spell uses that spell for the day. Be cautious when you find one of these rings for they may already have spells stored inside. Activation is the same as stored spell.

Wand of Spells: Once per day you may reclaim a spell slot you have already used. This spell slot can be used as normal.

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Black Blade of Corruption

Welcome to the new year traveler! Today we inspect an item most dark, The Black Blade of Corruption. It is said that this terrible blade was forged in an age long passed, by the lord if the dark himself, before he was sealed away forever behind the Gates of Eternity, for his greatest General, Murgrith the Blighted. After Murgrith’s eventual defeat, the blade fell into the hands of his soldiers, and made it’s way across the lands leaving pain and suffering in its wake.

After traveling the lands for centuries it was acquired by a Seeker of the Obsidian Tower. There it remains, being studied by our worlds foremost arcane scholars. Some believe, that after so long in the hands of men, that the blade has developed a will of its own, and wishes to rule the world of men.

Black Blade of  Corruption: Forged by the black hearted himself, may he forever be locked behind the Gates of Eternity, this malevolent blade corrupts the very soul of its wielder until they are nothing more than a shell doing the blades bidding.

Item Type: Longsword
Item Bonus: +1 (Scales to +3 as necessary)

  • Corrupting Compulsion: At the GM’s discretion, the Blade has a 10% (1d100) chance of forcing the wielder to act according to the blades’ will, each successful attempt increases the chance by 10%, the wielder is unaware of this occurrence. After a success rate of 50% has been achieved, the player may begin to hear whispers from the blade and converse with it. The Blade is of above average intellect.
  • Corrupted Soul: To lay the blade down and remove it from the players  possession at anytime requires a successful will save of DC 35.
  • Cruel: When the wielder strikes a creature that is frightened, shaken, panicked, cowering, or bloodied with a cruel weapon, that weapon deals an extra 1d6 damage.
  • Blight: Once per day, as a standard action, the blade casts a black cone of negative energy out 30 feet. Any creature in the cone takes [level*2] damage, unless he is of an Evil alignment, which takes none. Creatures with Lawful Good Alignment take [(Level*2)+Level] damage.

It is highly recommended that a GM be very subtle with this weapon and do his best to keep the player unaware of its true purpose. (Duh)

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Seals of Urtuin

After a bit of a break, we have the Seals of Urtuin. A set of vambraces commissioned by an ancient king. They are geared for legend, but should be fairly easy to work into any game.

The Seals of Urtuin:
“These vambraces, forged on the command of our nearly forgotten once king, and given to me by the blood of my father, are the proof of my right to rule!” -Baron Klaus von Eberheardt during the Battle of the Succession

Type: Wondrous Item, Accessory
Item Bonus:

  • Binding: The seals are milky white till a spirit is bound to them. The seals my bind, Elemental Spirits, Eldritch Spirits, World Spirits, and the spirits of mortal beings. Forcing a spirit to be bound against it’s will requires an Opposed Will check. Upon a successful binding the seals take on the principal colors of that spirit and the spirit is bound inside the vambraces until released. The spirit now acts as a Summoned Creature.
  • In Game: A summon acts as a Permanent Cohort with the exception that they can not trade items with the player. The player may make their own cohort with GM approval or the GM may provide the cohorts sheet. The wearer of a set of Seals may summon that spirit to aid him when needed once per [scene] as a standard action. Returning the spirit is a swift action.

Item History:
In the age before our own, the king of Reiben, Urtuin de Reiben VIII, commissioned seven seals of power. These seals could be possessed by, and harness the power of, Spirits.  Once completed,  he gave the seals to his most trusted generals who set out to befriend the most powerful spirit in each of their regions.  With these allies, Reiben became a truly powerful nation, throwing back all who came to claim their lands. However, time passed and the kings health failed. After his death, having left no heir apparent, his generals  split the kingdom into seven baronies, with the vambraces being used as proof of right of succession.

Until next time.

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The World Spirits

Come pupil, sit awhile and listen. You have been under my tutelage for eight weeks now. Today you shall learn of the World Spirits.

The World Spirits :
Scattered throughout the land are grotto’s in which spirits of great power rest. Strange and fantastical creatures, the World Spirits are the physical and spiritual manifestations of the lands surrounding them. Little is known of them, but we do know that they can range in size from truly gargantuan to absolutely miniscule. Normally very docile, they are quick to anger when their territory comes to harm, often becoming excessively violent and destructive. They are a common problem for settlers on the frontier, who encounter them every time a new village is settled or a town is expanded.

Type: Place of Power

Next week we will overview the Seals that bind these spirits and make use of them.

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Wells of Power

Welcome travelers, and well met. Today let’s have a look at the world our adventurers travel in. Below we have what is a nice plot hook. A merchant is willing to pay an exorbitant sum for a jar of some magical water, or perhaps the big bad in your campaign is trying to power up. Most Places of Power I post will be either a nice little plot hook or a simply a write up of some location that can benefit or hinder the player.


The Wells of Power:
Rumor has it that there is a great pool of magic that springs forth from the very essence of the world. Pure magic flows like water out of this spring, hidden someplace deep in the  mountains. Impossible to find, it is sought after by adventures the world over, and those whom find the well and dive into its waters are able to draw magic from the land itself and use powerful spells…but at a terrible cost. In every large town some burnout of a mage swears he found it while drowning himself in the cheapest ale he can find.

Type: Place of Power

Benefit: Whatever you want, you’re the DM. Maybe the water will let the Mage cast spells that are only meant for a sorcerer, or maybe they let him cast spells of a level or three higher than normal. Or maybe the barbarian can now cast magical spells… Perhaps there are unforeseen benefits as well, perhaps magic items that are exposed to the water are now artifacts, or are inhabited by some arcane world spirit.

Cost: Something to make the traveler wary, or everyone would just line up to hop in. My personal favorite is mutation. I roll a [1d100], on a 5 or lower, they are disfigured and hideous, NPC’s will either shun them or be afraid to go near them, anything higher and you can simply give them an oddity make them memorable and easily identifiable, like gold or solver skin, the whites of their eyes are blue, something along those lines.

alternatively, if mutation isn’t your thing, attach consequence to their benefit. Sure, the barbarian can now cast level 2 mage spells, but if he casts more than 1 spell a day he has to start making CON saves or pass out. The Mage can channel the natural magics of the world, and can cast spells 2 levels higher than he is supposed to, but that doesn’t mean they shoot off how he like or even that the right spell is cast. Maybe, after a roll of a [d100] the wish spell turns into curse on a roll of 25 or lower, or maybe that lightning storm just creates some static in the air, or the Mega Fireball 9000 fizzles out halfway to the enemy. the possibilities are endless. And the fun.



Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Bracer of Light

It’s week five, and now we have a companion for your Bracer of Flame that we featured last week.

Bracer of Light:
This bracer of a savory yellow-gold gives off the faint glow of the sun, with what appear to be sunburst constantly appearing and dissipating beneath its surface.

Type: Accessory
Item Bonus: +1, This item bonus stacks with any item bonus from the weapon held in hand.

  • Bane:  “I will sunder my foe and cause him a pain one unimagined by the mortal mind” The weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus against your chosen enemy and will deal an extra [2d6] points of damage.

Only one of these abilities can be used in a day:

  • Primary Ability – By Healing Hands: May the Light of the gods be a blessing to shine upon thee and thy allies. As a swift action, you call on the light of the heavens to heal [1d10+2] points of damage to one creature you touch. This can be used [Level/2] times per day (up to 10 times at level 20). This ability can not be used if By Burst of Hope has been used in the same day.

Instead of the primary ability, you may use the bracer’s alternate ability:

  • Alternate Ability – By Burst of Hope:  You channel the light of the heavens into yourself and direct it outward into a torrent of HP. Once per [encounter] as a move action, you emit a healing burst out to 30 feet. This burst heals allies for [1d10+2] damage per every 3 character levels you possess (up to 6d10+12 at level 20). This ability can not be used if By Healing Hands has been used in the same day.

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Bracer of Flame

In week four, we have a look at our heroes’ very notable lack of accessories. Might and Magic go hand in hand and what batter way to accessorize with a bracer?

Bracer of Flame:
This red bracer of an unknown metallic substance is carved in intricate swirling flames that draw the eye.

Type: Accessory
Item Bonus: +1, This item bonus stacks with any item bonus from the weapon held in hand.

  • Bane:  “I will sunder my foe and cause him a pain one unimagined by the mortal mind” The weapon’s enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus against your chosen enemy and will deal an extra [2d6] points of damage.

Only one of these abilities can be used in a day:

  • Primary Ability – By Flaming Hands: You summon the fury of fire and engulf your weapon in righteous flame. Once per [encounter] as a swift action you may engulf the bracer and whatever is wielded by that hand in flame for [1d6+1] rounds. Every attack made by a weapon held in hand deals an additional [1d6] damage.

Instead of the primary ability, you may use the bracers alternate ability:

  • Alternate AbilityBy Burst of Anger: You focus the fire inside yourself and direct it outward in a torrent of flame. Once per [encounter] as a move action, you create a burst of fire out to 30 feet. This deals [1d6] damage per 3 character levels (up to [6d6] damage at level 20) to everything in range.

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Silver Sword of Valiance

BEHOLD! Week three of Magical Marvels and Places of Power has arrived! Today lets power things up a bit with the Silver Sword of Valiance, a weapon tailor made for the adventuring hero destined for greatness

Silver Sword of Valiance –
This marvelous silver blade shines a radiant light and is polished to a mirror like sheen. It can often be seen being weilded by heros of lore in various painting in the Great Library of Ulnash

  • Great sword +3: Furnishes the weilder with a +3 weapon bonus to melee attacks
  • Bane: Select a bane enemy, this enemy cannot be changed later so choose carefully. The weapon’senhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus against its bane and will deal an extra 2d6 points of damage.
  • Extra-dimensional: You may call or dismiss this weapon at any time for no action cost, be it after being disarmed, during an attack action, or at any other point. When called, the weapon appears immediately in your hand, regardless of distance or planar boundaries. When dismissed, this weapon functionally ceases to exist until it is next called. As long as this weapon remains attuned to you, the Extra Dimensional enchantment functions as if you were wielding it.
  • Vigilant: As a swift action the weapon casts bright light out to 25 feet until you end this effect as a free action. Once per [Encounter] when an ally in melee to you is attacked by an enemy you switch places with the ally, this is a [teleport] movement and does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The weapon will now deal an additional [1d6] damage to that enemy until the end of the [encounter].

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: Sightstone and Ring of Tongues

In our second installment of our weekly series Magical Marvels and Places of Power we’re going to be toning things down a bit. Today we’ll be presenting the Ring of Tongues and the Sightstone. Both of which are useful utility items that a creative player may be able to put towards and unexpected use.

The Ring of Tongues –
The band of this ring sports the alphabet of the stored language. Often used by diplomats and thieves alike. But then again, is there really a difference between the two? This ring stores a single language inside.

  • Wearing it causes the wearer to be able to read, write, and speak that language.

“A victory on the battlefield hinges on your knowledge of your surrounds. If you forget that, you are as good as dead” -General Kiramiir Darlion A red stone that, when crushed, fragments into several blue shards and a single red one.

  • The stone produces [1d8] (min2) shards upon being crushed
  • The user is able to see from the blue shards with 10 feet of vision.
  • After 10 minutes have passed the red shard turns into a new Sightstone and the blue shards dissipate.

Magical Marvels and Places of Power: The Woodsmans’ Arm

Welcome travelers to Magical Marvels and Places of Power. A weekly installment where we will release a all new magical item that was forged in the fires of our smithy. Our first installment will cover an item carved out of tree, bone, and blood. The Woodsmans’ Arm.

Woodmans’ Arm
Often sought after by rangers of the wild, the Woodsmans’ Arm is seen as a badge of pride among rangers who have dedicated themselves to traveling the wilds. Hewn through blood, effort and no small amount of magic, you may tap the power of trees found throughout the land.
This arm must be harvested by the player and each form of bark stored with the players blood. Each scraping of bark counts as a Consumable item. I recommend finding yourself a bandolier.

  • Iron Arm: By attuning yourself to the attributes of the Iron Wood bark hewn into your arm, you are now able to use your arm as a shield. This shield provides a deflection bonus to Armor Class equal to [level/5] (up to a +4 at level 20). This stacks with other deflection bonuses.
  • Willowed Arm: By attuning yourself to the attributes of the Willow tree in your arm you gain the ability to stretch and manipulate your arm like a Willow in the wind. Your arm now extends your Melee range by 10ft. While your arm is extended your ability to manipulate your fingers is only hampered by your line of sight.
  • Oaken Arm: By tapping the healing powers of the Oak tree, you become as hearty as a tree itself. You gain [Resistance] to poison and [Fast Healing] equal to [(Level/3)*2]. (Up to a [Fast Healing] 6 at level 20). This stacks with other sources of fast healing.
  • Blackwood Arm: You take on the resilience of a mighty Blackwood tree. Ignore the effects of negative conditions for [1d4+1] rounds. I.E. Poison, Stunned, Dazed, On Fire, Petrified, ect.
  • Pine: Attuning your arm to the properties of a Pine tree, you now able to harm your attacker even as he strikes you.  When hit you do [Level] damage to attacker.