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Suns Over Alaraes (Campaign Notes)

Act 1: Strangers in a Strange Land

The Gang Gets a Job and Promptly Gets Lost
Act 1 notes have been retired but can still be found here

Act 2: Oh, the Places You'll Go

Oh the Places You'll Go a.k.a. The Gang Ruins Mat's Setting

Chapter 1: Over the Hills and Far Away

List of NPC's has been updated

Part 1

Before departure, the team took some time to explore obsidian and work on themselves.

  • Katla learned some Engineering, as well as detailed information about the Heirophant Green.
  • Aquixar learned nothing, but did make an attempt at learning how to read social cues
  • Clementine became closer friends with Arlo and Vola, learning how the two first met.
  • Ish ate all the meat and met a dwarvin gentleman named Alexander de Braun and a steelborn named Sigurd Lodbrok while playing cards. (Ish won)
  • Jaeline learned more about the strange technologies in the world and made contact with the deity who’s been guiding her.

After your sortie into town, you met at the boarding platform to embark on the Heirophant Green, a gigantic and luxurious land-steamer bound for Cardean by way of Valmeadow. While aboard you had several brushes with the Alaraesian high society. Listed here. On board, Vola, and by extension you, were hired to help solve the murder of Narthin Nagwin, a well off dragonborn heiress. To make a long story short, you found that Inal, Narthins’ handmaiden, had killed her mistress because she was going to for Sumisu (her lover and Narthins’ cousin) to leave her. You also found that Batu and Narthin were romantically involved. Inal was deposited with the proper authorities in Brightmount / Darkmount and you were upgraded to first class accommodations for the remaninder of your trip to Cardean, while also being stiffed for several thousand gold pieces.

This trip took approximately 4 weeks.

Chapter 2:

Lord Alexander de Braun requested your presence at his mansion two days after your arrival in Station. You fucked around for a couple days, taking particular note how clean the city was, and being surprised about the lack of the more unsavory elements of society anywhere in Station.

During your meeting with Alexander, he requested your aid in locating Standard Template Constructs (STC's) in Undercity. These STCs allow Foundries to produce new lost technology and are very very valuable. You would be one of multiple non-competing teams sent to Undercity to investigate the location these Constructs are rumored to be in. You reward would be 10,000 gold per each STC returned. He would also provide you with a guide to help you through the chartered levels of Undercity.

After your meeting, you put out an ad for a Rogue with the local Government Sanctioned Adventurers Guild. Contract to follow.

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